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Business Administration and Management Minor

The business administration and management major has a curriculum that emphasizes the core role economic theory has in giving a broad context of the competitive and regulatory world in which a business must function; this core also focuses on the quantitative methods of economics that put theory into a usable form and elaborates on the strategic planning processes of businesses to provide tools of critical thinking that will inform business decision making. This core of required business and economics courses provide a basis for multi-faceted decision making in a business, government or nonprofit organizations.

The interdisciplinary component of the business administration and management major broadens the study of business by adding the perspective gained from a diverse group of disciplines. It allows students to choose from elective courses in other disciplines where they will write and research on topics crucial to informed decision making. A senior requirement allows students the option to focus solely on research through a St. Mary’s Project or to combine research and practical experience with a senior seminar and an internship.

As a business administration and management major, you can find connections to major companies based in and around the D.C. metropolitan area, as well as in St. Mary’s County, where many companies search for new talent at Patuxent Naval Air Station. Our close proximity to both centers of business allows for engaging opportunities with a variety of industries. In addition, our small faculty-student ratio ensures that you get to work closely with your professors. The business administration and management major offers many different course topics, such as: accounting, international business, econometrics, and more.

Degree Requirements

General College Requirements

General College Requirements (see Curriculum section), including the following requirements to satisfy the minor:

24 Credit-Hours in Economics

Required Courses (24 Credit Hours)

Course NameCredit Hours:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
BADM 101 - Introduction to Business Leadership and Business Ethics Credit Hours: 4
ECON 102 - Principles of Microeconomics Credit Hours: 4
ECON 103 - Principles of Macroeconomics Credit Hours: 4
BADM 201 - Principles of Accounting I Credit Hours: 4
BADM 301 - Management Credit Hours: 4
BADM 302 - Marketing Credit Hours: 4

Minimum Grade and GPA Requirements

A grade of C- or better must be received in each course of the minor, and the cumulative grade-point average of courses used to satisfy the minor must be at least 2.0.