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Spanish, BA

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The Department of International Languages and Cultures is committed to the study of particular societies around the world, with the aim of bringing forth an understanding of the worldview and cultural perspective of peoples who live outside the English-speaking world. We are particularly concerned with promoting the development of both linguistic and cultural literacy. Through the expertise in the Department of International Languages and Cultures, students can gain linguistic proficiency and understanding of a large variety of cultures from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. 

As human beings, we’re increasingly confronted with the need to live in a globalized context. Patterns of international economic, political, social and cultural exchange increasingly define how we are to live, work and relate to one another. One of the major challenges facing our society is to learn how to work collaboratively with other societies in search of common interests. 

Language is one of the main mediums through which we express our specific cultural identity in relationship to the human race in its totality. In order to understand a culture on its own terms, it’s necessary to approach it through its own linguistic framework.

The International Languages and Cultures (ILC) department currently offers a major and minor in Spanish. In addition to minors in Chinese and French, there is also an option to create a student-designed major in those languages, as well as a student-designed major in Latinx and Latin American Studies. Students majoring in ILC are required to produce an independently designed and closely mentored 8-credit St. Mary’s Project in their senior year. This project may either be in ILC or in another major discipline or a study area. The guidelines established in the selected area apply.  The student should consult with the chair of ILC to discuss how the St. Mary’s Project requirement will be fulfilled.

We strongly advise majors to spend time abroad to gain both linguistic and cultural fluency and confidence. The experience abroad can be pursued in various manners: study abroad with our partner programs (programs we have pre-approved) or with those of other colleges and universities; internships with international organizations or governmental agencies abroad, or “au pair” or other work-related experiences. Some of the experiences noted above can be pursued for credit, others not. It is important that students begin to think about experiences abroad as early as possible during their time at St. Mary’s, and that they discuss their interests with a faculty adviser within the department.

Learning Outcomes

  • Communicate in grammatically complex and nuanced written expression in the language area of concentration
  • Communicate in grammatically complex and nuanced oral expression in the language area of concentration
  • Analyze a range of cultural contexts including literature, cultural production, and sociopolitical culture
  • Develop intercultural competence to analyze target cultures as well as students’ own culture in a regional or global context.

Degree Requirements

To earn a bachelor of arts degree with a major in International Languages and Cultures: Spanish, a student must satisfy the following minimum requirements:

General College Requirements

General College Requirements (see Curriculum section), including the following requirements to satisfy the major

Core Courses

Core courses (32 credit hours) in ILCS starting with ILCS 202 or ILCS 260, depending on the student’s initial level.

Course NameCredit Hours:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
  • Of the 32 core credits, 24 must be Upper Level credits.
  • A student may substitute no more than one ILCS course with a course taught in English on the Spanish-speaking world (ILCT 303, ILAS, or a Latinx and Latin American Studies course taught in English from HIST or POSC).
  • Of the 32 core credits, at least 8 must be taken at the SMCM home campus, 4 of which must be Upper-Level credits.
  • ILCS 202 - Intermediate Spanish II Credit Hours: 4
    ILCS 260 - Composition for Cultural Analysis Credit Hours: 4
    ILCS 360 - Advanced Writing Workshop Credit Hours: 4
    ILCS 361 - Indigenous Cultures in Latin America Credit Hours: 4
    ILCS 362 - African Diaspora Cultural Expressions in Latin America Credit Hours: 4
    ILCS 363 - Cultural Perspectives on Gender Credit Hours: 4
    ILCS 365 - Creating for Social Change Credit Hours: 4
    ILCS 372 - Multicultural Characteristics of Early Modern Spain Credit Hours: 4
    ILCS 373 - The Invention of Latin America Credit Hours: 4
    ILCS 374 - Latin America and Globalization Credit Hours: 4
    ILCS 390 - Spanish in the Community Credit Hours: 4
    ILCS 440 - Special Topics in Hispanic Studies Credit Hours: 4
    ILCT 303 - Hispanic Studies in Translation Credit Hours: 4
    ILCX 205 - The Latinx Experience in the United States Credit Hours: 4
    ILAS 210 - Latin American Cultural Studies Credit Hours: 4
    ILAS 315 - Latin American Literature in Translation Credit Hours: 4
    ILAS 350 - Latin American Cinema Credit Hours: 4