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Performing Arts, Music Concentration, BA

In addition to existing minors in music, theater, and musical arts administration, the Performing Arts Program includes three possible major concentrations. The concentrations are:

Music: provides students with a full range of musical opportunities, academic and performance, guided with a high level of personal attention. We offer instrumental and vocal instruction, the opportunity to participate in ensembles, and coursework that supports an understanding of music in its wider historical, social, cultural and geographical contexts. Summer international and orchestral programs offer students the opportunity to expand horizons and deepen understanding of worlds beyond their own by engaging in conservatory-like, pre-professional training here and abroad. Taken together, these endeavors prepare our students for advanced training and careers in a variety of fields such as performance, composition, music scholarship, education and arts administration.

Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies: Students develop the knowledge and skills required to create theater, dance and performance, including visual thinking, design, dance, acting and performance, directing, movement, stagecraft, playwriting and critical analysis, writing and presentation.

Integrated Performing Arts: Students explore how performance of various kinds can serve as a method of research and communication that intersects in productive ways with other fields in the arts, sciences, and social sciences.

Minimum Grade and GPA Requirements

Students must earn a grade of C- or better in each course counted towards the major, and maintain an overall GPA of at least 2.0 in these courses.

Degree Requirements

Required Foundational Courses- 16 Credits

Course NameCredit Hours:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
PERF 110 - Critical Creativity in the Performing Arts Credit Hours: 4
MUSC 203 - Music Theory I Credit Hours: 3
MUSC 201 - Sight Singing and Dictation I Credit Hours: 1
MUSC 204 - Music Theory II Credit Hours: 3
MUSC 202 - Sight Singing and Dictation II Credit Hours: 1
MUSC 216 - Introduction to the World’s Music Credit Hours: 4

Required Developmental Courses - 16 Credits (300 or 400 level)

Course NameCredit Hours:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
MUSC 318 - Music History Survey I Credit Hours: 4
MUSC 319 - Music History Survey II Credit Hours: 4
  • MUSA 38 - Four semesters of private instruction Credit Hours: 4
  • MUSA 48 - Four semesters of ensemble participation Credit Hours: 4
  • Capstone Courses - 12 Credits

    Course NameCredit Hours:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
    PERF 475 - Performing Arts Today I Credit Hours: 2
    PERF 476 - Performing Arts Today II Credit Hours: 2


    MUSC 493 - St. Mary’s Project Credit Hours: 4
    MUSC 494 - St. Mary’s Project Credit Hours: 4




    PERF 490 - Capstone Course - Ensemble Performance Creation I Credit Hours: 4
    PERF 491 - Capstone Course - Ensemble Performance Creation II Credit Hours: 4