May 19, 2024  
2023 - 2024 College Catalog 
2023 - 2024 College Catalog

Theater Studies Minor

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The field of theater combines studies in history, theory, and critical analysis with practical experiences in production techniques and creativity. Its scope includes diverse representations in dynamic time and space. Among its shared subjects are performance studies, and techniques for directing, designing, writing, and performing for stage.

The curriculum in theater, studies encourages students to interrogate representations on stage toward an understanding of their historical, cultural, and artistic significance. Additionally, we provide opportunities for students to produce their own works and to collaborate on projects with faculty members and other students. 

The department offers minors in theater studies. Students interested in fulfilling a minor should consult with a faculty member in TFMS. 

Production Opportunities

The Department of Theater supplies the resources for a diverse range of production work on stage. Live performance opportunities include stage productions and dance concerts directed by faculty members, guest artists, and students, performed in a variety of spaces, including the Bruce Davis Theater (main stage), the dance studio, and the White Room. Performance roles, design, and technical positions are open to all students, regardless of their majors. Theater production seasons are formulated to maximize opportunities for working on or attending productions that represent the diversity of theatrical activities across cultures and history.

Detailed, regularly updated information about our theater and arts seasons and about production opportunities is available on the department website.

Learning Outcomes

  • Generate innovative works of theater and performance
  • Develop well-supported interpretations of theater and performance from various historical periods
  • Implement at least one of the practical or scholarly skills of theater and performance to communicate with audiences
  • Design projects that clarify how theater and performance can engage with the vital concerns of communities
  • Clarify the significance of modes of theater and performance from a wide range of local and global cultures
  • Construct clear, specific and complex written arguments about theater and performance
  • Demonstrate oral presentations that are clear, organized, appropriate and engaging for a chosen audience

Degree Requirements

Required Courses:

Students choosing to minor in theater studies are responsible for designing a cohesive area of study in consultation with a member of the department faculty. The minor in theater studies is 20 credit hours. Each course is four credit hours, unless otherwise indicated.

Additional 12 Credit Hours

An additional 12 credit hours chosen from the following course offerings in the theater studies focus area. Four credit hours must be at the 300- or 400-level. Students may include a maximum of four credit hours of TDPS 290 - Practicum /TDPS 490 - Practicum .

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