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2024 - 2025 College Catalog 
2024 - 2025 College Catalog

Teaching, MAT

Our Maryland Approved Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree allows aspiring teachers to take full advantage of the rich undergraduate curriculum available at our college - to spend a semester abroad, to complete a double major, to take elective courses in many diverse areas, to try interdisciplinary courses - and then synthesize that richly textured content background with graduate courses in education so they can better serve their future students.

The MAT builds on students’ grounding in their major and in the breadth of their Core Curriculum requirements and provides a seamless transition into professional coursework. The MAT provides instruction in pedagogical strategies, assessment, curriculum development, discipline and management, and other specific elements of the professional educator’s knowledge base.

Certification programs exist for: Elementary grades 1 through 6, with an option to add a credential in early childhood education; elementary and environmental education; special education grades 1-8; English, math, history/social studies, social studies, biology, chemistry, environmental science and physics for grades 7 through 12; and art, music, theater, and world languages (Chinese, French, Spanish) for K-12.

All certification programs have program approval from the Maryland State Department of Education and lead to reciprocity for certification in all other states. Our program completers have an 100% pass rate on the PRAXIS exams, and our hiring rate for those who choose to teach is also near 100%.

The MAT is a full-time, year-long program requiring participants to intern in St. Mary’s County public schools from the beginning of the program. The mentor teachers at the school sites provide support and expertise that will prepare aspiring teachers to meet the challenge of teaching, translating theory into practice.

Admissions Process

  • Information about the admissions process can be found here.

Program Prerequisites

MAT program participants must successfully complete a minor in educational studies at St. Mary’s or comparable coursework, as well as deep study in their intended area of teaching. A complete listing of required courses can be found here. All applicants must have a 3.0 minimum GPA. Please consult with the department chair of Educational Studies at mat@smcm.edu with more questions.

Program Completion

MAT participants who successfully complete the program coursework with a 3.0 average GPA or better, successfully complete all aspects of the internship, complete edTPA, present their masters research projects, and achieve passing scores on the required PRAXIS tests will be eligible for teacher certification in Maryland. Names of program completers will be sent to the Maryland State Department of Education, after which individuals may apply for their teaching certificate. Maryland has reciprocity with all other states; a Maryland teacher certification allows teachers to work all over the US, though additional paperwork requirements vary by state.

Other Important Information

  • Students who apply to the MAT program by the priority deadline listed on the website are given first consideration for scholarship awards and placement opportunities, particularly for content areas where there may be limited internship opportunities in the local school system (e.g., Chinese, Physics)
  • The MAT program begins in early July and is completed in May the following year. There are four sessions within the graduate program, and students are billed in four equal installments prior to the start of each session.
  • There may be on-campus living options for MAT students during the regular academic year; if available, accepted students will be notified the spring prior to the start of the MAT program.
  • All internship experiences will be fulfilled in St. Mary’s County public schools.
  • Current program capacity is 35 students.
  • The program is a full-time, in-person cohort program; there are no electives and no options for part-time enrollment or online learning.

Learning Outcomes

  • The 10 Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) Standards
  • The 7 Maryland Teacher Technology Standards (MTTS)
  • The standards for the Special Program Areas that govern the national accrediting agency’s guidelines for the preparation of teachers in art, music, English, social studies, math, science, foreign language, theater and elementary education.
  • The 5 standards for Professional Development Schools in Maryland
  • The SMCM MAT standards:
  • Knowledge of developmental, cognitive, and socio-affective needs of learners
  • Knowledge of particular learner populations whose needs require specialized consideration in order to realize maximized learning
  • How to develop and nurture inclusive, collaborative relationships in/in support of the learning environment
  • Content area/subject knowledge
  • Pedagogical knowledge
  • How to design and implement differentiated, culturally responsive teaching practice that meets content area goals
  • How to assess student learning and adjust instruction
  • How to design, implement, and interpret research
  • How to use technology to enhance student learning
  • How to analyze the linguistic demands of content and of pedagogical materials and and align them with students’ language skills
  • How to effectively communicate in speech (including through technology-mediated means)
  • How to effectively communicate in writing (including through technology-mediated means)
  • How to engage in reflective practice
  • Ethical practice
  • Inclusion
  • Professional growth and continuous learning